Proposition Simplification in Practice

The aim is to make a product or service a joy to use – increasing ease of use and creating the ‘state of the art’. Here is a small sample of ways this has been done in the past:




The Dyson is easier to use than conventional vacuum cleaners because there is no bag to replace. It has advanced performance thanks to its patented cyclonic separation technology. And it embodies the art of simplifying – it lets you see what it is picking up, so you realize what a good job it is doing.


The Vespa scooter shows how art can be combined with ease of use to create market-leading product. Introduced in 1946, it was both a work of art and an extremely practical machine, designed to be easy to use for its well-dressed riders. Men in suits and women in skirts can ride the scooters without their clothes getting dirty.

Zipcar / Car2Go / WhizzGo

Unlike traditional car rental firms, these car-sharing insurgents enable you to rent cars by the hour. You simply unlock the car using a membership card or your mobile phone and drive away. The cars are also parked in street-side bays, closer to most customers than the majority of car rental offices. Avis Budget Group acquired Zipcar in 2014 for around half a billion dollars.